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Get ready to turn up the groove, because this engagement session was pure homey happiness! L + N brought the house down – literally – during their in-home session in a rad Palm Springs crib. Imagine this: twirling around the record room, their laughter syncopating with the music. Vinyl beats and love’s rhythm, what a combo! And that’s not all, folks. The kitchen turned into their hangout hub, where they whipped up love as savory as any dish. Mixing giggles, they gave the room a run for its money in the “cuteness” department. Who knew that walls could practically blush? From the record spins to the heartwarming kitchen chats, this session was a real-life love song, and Palm Springs was the perfect chorus.


October 17, 2023

In-Home Morongo Valley Engagement Photos in Southern California // Lawrence + Natalie

A couple standing at their record table as the man has his arms wrapped around his partner and she is placing a record during their in-home couple session in California
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In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, A and J’s engagement session unfolded in the cozy haven of home, painting an intimate portrait of their love story. With banana chocolate chip pancakes sizzling on the stove, they embraced the simple joy of shared moments. Dancing to the timeless tunes of records, laughter echoed in their living room, a symphony of their connection. A playful pillow fight in the bedroom encapsulated the spirit of their relationship – a beautiful blend of comfort and laughter.

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August 29, 2023

Intimate In-Home Engagement Session in Nashville, Tennessee // Alex + Jillian

A man and a woman holding their favorite records in front of their faces as they sit by side on their couch during their Tennessee engagement photos